A yellow snail enjoys a refreshing beverage during a heat wave in Bern, Switzerland.

Cities Are Turning Snails Yellow

Urban areas are heat islands. Could that be dictating the color of their gastropods?

What HUD Sees

The federal agency just launched a feel-good photoblog called "Humans of HUD." Just what are these portraits of real-life housing aid recipients telling us?

Students celebrate at commencement holding inflatable globes.

Why Global Talent Clusters Around Cities

For now, U.S. cities lead in attracting global talent, but cities across the world are coming on strong.

Lewis Hamilton holds a large champagne bottle in front of cheering people.

With Austin as Host, Will Formula 1 Finally Win the United States?

While F1 wants to woo the U.S, Austin wants to win the rest of the world with this weekend’s Grand Prix.

To Prevent Loneliness, Start in the Classroom

Young people are among the loneliest of all Americans. Schools that teach kids how to deal with feelings of isolation could help put a dent in the epidemic.

What Small, Diverse Music Venues Mean to New York City

They play an important role in building community, and nightlife advocates say that needs to be taken more seriously by officials.

Netflix’s ‘Stay Here’ Is a Cringe-Worthy Twist on Home Renovation Shows

Binge-watch it if you’re not sure what to do with your extra house.

How Manhattan Became a Rich Ghost Town

New York’s empty storefronts are a dark omen for the future of cities.

How a Booming City Can Be More Equitable

In Durham, North Carolina, abandoned factories are becoming tech hubs and microbreweries. But building a shared commitment to its most vulnerable citizens could be a trickier feat of redevelopment.

A man wipes his forehead in a park on a hot summer day.

Climate Change Might Be Bad for Your Mental Health, Too

Average monthly highs above 86 degrees Fahrenheit increase the probability of mental-health issues, a new study finds.

Interpreting Africa’s Visible, and Invisible, Borders

In the eighth “Invisible Borders” road trip, a group of African artists and writers send dispatches from the continent’s cities and border towns.

A man in a blazer stands on a stage giving a presentation

America Is Losing Its Edge for Startups

It used to be that 95 percent of global startup and venture-capital activity happened in the U.S. Today, it’s just over one-half.

This Basketball Will Be Your Father

A court in New York City breeds a family of fathers, brothers, and sons, out of people unconnected by blood.

Christopher Columbus statue in Manhattan's Columbus Circle

Goodbye, Columbus Day

How cities turned against a controversial holiday.  

There’s Something About Gritty

How a Philadelphia hockey mascot become a symbol of resistance for an angry time.

The High Line Gets an Opera

One of the architects behind the elevated park now has an ambitious, 6-day event that draws on music, immersive performance, and community engagement to convey one hour of life in the big city.

What It Means When Adults Get Homesick

As young people start their own lives, they often miss where they came from. That can be a challenging but clarifying experience.

Protesters gathering

Amazon Stepped Up for Workers. It Should Do the Same for Cities

Amazon announced a new $15 minimum wage for its workers. Now it should be a better corporate citizen to the host of its new HQ2.

Why 5G Internet Is a Policy Minefield for Cities

The next generation of wireless internet needs lots of new equipment in public spaces. The federal government just limited what cities can do about that, and mayors say they’re prepared to fight back.