photo: homemade protective face masks.

The Maker Movement Mobilizes to Fight Coronavirus

To sew masks, build protective gear, and fabricate medical equipment needed for Covid-19, networks of small-scale DIY manufacturers are springing up nationwide.

What Bigotry Looks Like During Social Distancing

As reports of harassment and assault against Asian Americans increase, community advocates are finding new ways to tackle the spread of xenophobia.

photo: a dog being trained to detect Covid-19

Can Dogs Smell Covid-19?

In the U.K., researchers believe they can train dogs to sniff out the distinctive odor of coronavirus, potentially assisting in mass infection screening efforts.

Readers: Share Your Hand-Made Maps of Life Under Quarantine

As coronavirus transforms our private and public spaces, how would you map what your neighborhood and community look like now?

photo: A lone tourist in Barcelona, one of several global cities that have seen a massive crash in Airbnb bookings.

Can Airbnb Survive Coronavirus?

The short-term rental market is reeling from the coronavirus-driven tourism collapse. Can the industry’s dominant player stage a comeback after lockdowns lift?

The Great Global Child Care Crisis

What's a parent to do when all of the schools and daycares suddenly close? For some workers in some places, options are starting to emerge.

Illustration: two roommates share a couch with a Covid-19 virus.

For Roommates Under Coronavirus Lockdown, There Are a Lot of New Rules

Renters in apartments and houses share more than just germs with their roommates: Life under coronavirus lockdown means negotiating new social rules.

photo: A waterfront park in Macau.

Longing for the Great Outdoors? Think Smaller.

Access to parks, nature, and wildlife is critical for physical and emotional well-being. Now some city dwellers sheltered at home must find it in new ways.  

Why Asian Countries Have Succeeded in Flattening the Curve

To help flatten the curve in the Covid-19 outbreak, officials at all levels of government are asking people to stay home. Here's what’s worked, and what hasn't.

Alone Together, in Community Resilience

Portable pantries. Saucepan protests. Small-space dance routines. The best coronavirus community efforts use social distancing as an asset, not an obstacle.

N.K. Jemisin Confronts the City We’re Becoming

The science fiction and fantasy author talks to CityLab about the parallels between fiction and reality in her new book, “The City We Became.”

photo: Wrigley Field In Chicago on Opening Day 2020.

The Empty Baseball Stadiums of Opening Day

With the Major League Baseball season on hold, the ballparks of North America hosted no crowds for Opening Day 2020. Here’s a sad photo gallery.

photo: a TGV train in Avignon, France

To Fight a Fast-Moving Pandemic, Get a Faster Hospital

To move Covid-19 patients from the hardest-hit areas, authorities in France turned one of the nation’s famous TGV trains into a very fast ambulance.

Saying ‘I Do’ From a Social Distance

Traditional weddings are unsafe if not banned in much of the world due to Covid-19. But that doesn’t mean couples are canceling the dancing or live music.

When Violence and Poverty Are Worse Than Covid-19

Migrants who have crossed the border into Mexico say they still fear violence and poverty back home more than the Covid-19 pandemic.

a photo of the Singapore skyline

The Strange, Fragile Normalcy of Life in Singapore

Hailed for its early efforts to contain Covid-19, Singapore has recently seen a surge in new coronavirus cases. Still, daily life is surprisingly unaffected.

photo: EvergreenHealth Medical Center hospital in Kirkland, Washington

In Hospitals, Volunteers Are Needed, but No Longer Allowed

To reduce risk of coronavirus transmission, U.S. hospitals have halted most volunteer services, further straining staff resources at the worst possible time.

Why Norway Is Banning its Residents From Their Own Vacation Homes

Don’t let rural hospitals get overrun with Covid-19 cases just to enjoy your summer house, the government warns.

photo: 1900 Chinatown fire in Honolulu

The ‘Chinese Flu’ Is Part of a Long History of Racializing Disease

During a plague outbreak in 1899, officials in Honolulu quarantined and burned the city’s Chinatown. Some Covid-19 talk today echoes their rhetoric.

photo: Parisians walk along the Seine on Sunday, one day after Paris closed cafes and restaurants.

Virus #Irresponsables Put France on Lockdown

After Parisians post pictures from the city’s parks, the government calls for a countrywide lockdown to slow the spread of Covid-19 infections.

photo: An empty theater marquee on March 13, 2020 in Hollywood, California.

When ‘Cancel Everything’ Means Disaster for the Arts

With audiences gone and performances canceled due to the coronavirus crisis, musicians, entertainers, artists and cultural workers face a grim economic outlook.