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The Cost of a Home is Just One Aspect of a Truly Sustainable Community

Creating affordable housing with access to economic opportunity, workforce development, and community programs is essential for communities to thrive over time

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Better Decisions Shape Better Cities

And it starts with better data


Powering the Fourth Industrial Revolution with 5G

Here’s why cities need to get ready now.

Citi Foundation

The Future is Green

How green jobs can increase resiliency and create economic opportunities in vulnerable communities.


Making Technology Work for People: A Playbook for Smart Cities

The convergence of digitization, globalization, and demographic change is redefining how people live, work and travel – especially in and around cities.

Center for an Urban Future

A Distributed Government by the People, for the People

The power of open, collaborative, and innovative governance.

Center for an Urban Future

The Problem-Solving Public Servant

A fresh and innovative way of thinking about accountability and transparency in local governance

Cascadia Innovation Corridor

A Joint History of Entrepreneurship

Linked by geography, united in innovation.


Are Single-Use Spaces Becoming Obsolete?

How people-centric, mixed-use and transit-oriented spaces foster a meaningful sense of community.

Citi Foundation

These Community-Minded Businesses Are Changing the Face of Job Training

From Los Angeles to New York, innovative institutions are paving the way in workforce training, and providing jobs and services for communities in need.


Charting a Future to Electric Mobility

The electrification of passenger mobility will revolutionize cities. Cleaner air, less congestion, new economic opportunities, and a return to green spaces. But it will take planning and concentrated action to get there. Change doesn’t come easy.

Utility Service Partners

Why Vulnerable Populations Need Compassionate Cities

One in seven Americans live below the poverty line

Ford Motor Company

Giving Citizens a Say in How Cities Build Living Streets

To realize the potential of city streets, community organizations, cities and mobility companies must collaborate on the future


Is Inefficient Construction Worsening the Affordable Housing Crisis?

How rethinking the construction supply chain can reduce building material costs and increase access to housing.


Open Data Opens a World of Benefits for Citizens

How public engagement and transparency through open data allow smart cities to find solutions for urgent challenges


Smart Cities Are the Future We Need

Data scientists, location intelligence experts, and business leaders explain why in The Esri and the Science of Where podcast